Designing a space you love doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, as long as you’re willing to put in a bit of time and creativity. Weather you’re  decorating the living room, bedroom or kids room, adding in boho curtains can completely change your look. This small change can make a huge impact in your space, giving it a whole new feel.

Warming up your room with curtains

First let’s talk about how much curtains can really warm up your space as well as add in your personal style. Adding in a punch of colour or a different texture can bring your room together. Even if you’re working with smaller windows, just the placement of the boho curtains can make a world of difference. 

Gone are the days of matching absolutely everything in a room so as long as you have a general idea of a colour scheme you’re going for, you can pretty much get away with (almost) anything. By changing up your curtains, you can completely change the feel of your room. Once you’ve decided on the look you’re going for, now you can get into the fun part. But before you start ordering up a storm online, which is very tempting, lets try to use what we have.

Using what you have

Instead of buying all new materials, first see what you have at home. Once you’ve decided on the look you’re going for, measure it out and make a list of everything you will need and and go from there. If you’re previous curtains are in good condition, try to re purpose them. If they just won’t do the trick, check out a thrift store as they usually have a lot of fabric and curtains to choose from. Pay attention to what kind of fabric it is and give them a good wash when you get home. You may also have to alter them to fit your window, but if they’re a perfect fit then you can start to play around with them. 

Patterns and colours

It can be a bit intimidating trying to decide on a colour or pattern, especially if you’re new to decorating. First, just try to figure out the look you want and go from there. Are you looking for something fun and playful or calm and airy? Maybe a mix of both? How do you want to feel when you walk into the room? Start answering these questions and writing everything down until you’ve decided on the vibe and style you want. Look through magazines and trusty old Pinterest for inspiration.

Fun and playful

Adding a couple tassels or colorful pom poms sewn onto the bottom of your curtains will give it a fun feel. You can easily make your own felted pom poms or buy them at your local wool shop. You can use all different colours or stick with one solid colour for this, either way it is going to give your room a very fun boho look. Again, check out your local thrift store for fabric and craft supplies.

If you can find a fun boho inspired wall tapestry, it can look amazing used as curtains. You just have to do a bit of sewing to adjust it to fit on the rod. 

You can also use a stencil and fabric paint to create a design over the entire fabric, which adds a really fun look. Simply painting polka dots onto the curtains is an easy way to add in a print. 

Filling the space under your window with fun pillows and soft blankets, will really tie everything together. Make it look inviting. Somewhere you can curl up and read a book or listen to music and feel happy.

Soft and airy

If your room Is neutral, maybe now is your time to venture out and get creative. Starting with a simple neutral colour is almost easier as long as you know the look you’re going for. If you don’t love patterns and are not into adding in any colour, maybe just adding in a soft texture will work for you. A layer of flowy silk over top of your existing curtains can soften up the look.

Adding a bit of nature into the look can make a huge difference. Tucking fresh eucalyptus along the top of the curtain rod is a very simple way to add in a boho look, plus it dries beautifully. Stringing a row of small white fairy lights through the greenery gives it a fun look.

Adding a few gem stones along your window sill to enhance your flowy boho curtains can create a calm, healing space. Think of it as a place you could relax in and breath.

Natural fabric dyeing 

If you are ready to add in colour into your room, why not try it with your curtains. Buying new curtains is easy, but if you’re happy with the material of your existing curtains, give natural dyeing a try.

If you’re using a natural dye like tea or turmeric, it will give it a soft worn in beautiful look. The colours come out so earthy and naturally boho looking, you really don’t have to add very much else to them. Just make sure your material isn’t synthetic. Working with cotton, linen, hemp, etc will take to the dye easily. There are tons of great tutorials online that are very helpful. 


Create a space that makes you feel good. A space where you can enjoy the sun shine pouring in, or drift off to sleep while listening to the rain. Creating a little space by a window is such a comforting way to take a moment for yourself. Adding curtains to warm up this space can be easy no matter what your style or budget.