Wrapping gifts can sometimes be a bit annoying especially if you’re dealing with different sized items or trying to find all of your paper supplies tucked away in the closet. In this article, I will give you little tips and tricks on how to make gift wrapping an enjoyable process using brown wrapping paper. You’ve probably seen the brown wrapping paper trend develop over the past couple of years and for good reason. Having just one giant roll of brown paper makes it so much easier and better for the environment. You can buy the rolls at most stationary stores, craft stores and sometimes automotive supply stores for a reasonable price. Below I will be giving you tips on wrapping paper storage and styling ideas.


Wrapping Paper Storage -first lets start by getting organized

We’re all guilty of cramming our paper rolls, tape, ribbon and wrapping supplies in a tucked away hiding place which is one of the more frustrating parts about the whole wrapping process. Let’s start a checklist here for better storage ideas. Because less clutter in our home is less clutter in our head, I swear by this.

  1. Take out all of your wrapping supplies (this is definitely the least enjoyable step)
  2. Put them all into categories- paper, ribbons/bows
  3. Get rid of at least half of what you have here, seriously you don’t need it. Pick out your favourite paper and ribbons and donate the rest. You won’t need a ton of paper now that you have your big giant brown roll to work with. You can cut off a bit of paper from your old rolls to save for future wrapping. Try to get rid of all of the synthetic ribbons and bows and stick with natural fibre ribbons and string.
  4. Find a large sturdy bag and label it with everything you’re putting in there including your favourite paper scraps, your string/ribbons, tape and whatever else you’re putting in there. Find an easy spot for your supply bag and brown paper roll.

This all sounds like common sense but sometimes a list makes it a lot easier. And purging old unnecessary items can feel so good. Plus, if you do donate your old paper rolls someone will likely get great use out of them so it’s a win win.

So now that you’re organized, let’s get to the fun part of wrapping.. decorating! This is where you can make it whatever style you’d like. I’ll go over a couple different styles with you and share some easy ideas. Keep in mind that this is where you can get as creative as you’d like because we’re working with a neutral canvas here.


Now onto the fun part, decorating! Lets take a look at some fun ways to style your brown wrapping paper gifts


Vintage Wrapping Paper

Once you have your item all wrapped in brown paper, find a simple muted ivory silk ribbon and tie it in a bow around your gift. You can find beautiful vintage materials like silk at second hand stores. You can cut out ribbons from old unwearable dresses and blouses and add it into your wrapping bag.

You can also use old books to wrap your gift if it is small enough, or just stick a torn out page on the front of your wrapped gift and tie a bow around it. Adding in a fresh flower right before your gift is handed off is always a good idea.

Bohemian wrapping

Now this is totally up my alley. I feel like boho style wrapping can be used for both kids and adults and you can get as creative as you’d like. Sticking pom poms all over your brown paper wrapped gift, or adding in fun flowers. You can also draw a picture or polka dots or a beautiful quote onto the paper before you wrap. Look for beautiful ribbon patterns at second hand shops or fabric stores. Cutting up old scraps of fabric is a simple and cost effective way to add in a pop of colour and texture.


Adding in fresh greenery, dried orange slices, pine cones or really any foliage to your wrapping creates a simple festive look. If you can get your hands on fresh eucalyptus, do it! It lasts so long and looks beautiful tucked under a simple string bow. Think of it as part of the gift, something they can put in a little vase.


What about eco friendly wrapping?

Another benefit of using brown paper is that it is totally recyclable which really is the number one reason to use it. Most wrapping paper out there is not considered a recyclable good and are usually filled with dye and sparkles so there is no way that can go back into the earth. I know it’s tempting to buy all the sparkles but since wrapping paper is used for a purely aesthetic reason, it really isn’t worth it.

If you’d like to avoid paper all together, using fabric is another beautiful way to wrap your gift. You can use a blanket, tea towel, wall tapestry or just beautiful fabric as a part of your gift. You can find great youtube videos on creative ways to do this, but you’re basically just wrapping your gift in the fabric and tying it in a knot. If you are a sewer, making a simple linen bento bag is a great way to wrap up your gift, plus they can re use the bag.


Take your time

Finally, use gift wrapping as a time for yourself. Organize your area with everything you need (including a drink), put on your favourite tunes and spend an hour or so just taking your time. Think about the person you’re giving the gift to and put lots of love into your wrapping. Write them a message, draw a picture or do whatever you think is going to make it extra special. This is a moment to just slow down and take a breathe.