Adding driftwood art into your home instantly gives it a lived in, cozier feel. No matter what your style is, bringing in that earthiness will add a ton of character and warmth into your space. Driftwood art is simple to make and easy to add into any room in your home. 

Here are some easy basics of where to find and pick driftwood and how to care for it.

Where to find driftwood

You find driftwood by the water, of course. Such a simple answer but by sourcing out different locations close by, you may come across all kinds of driftwood and other organics to use in you art. Ask around and put the word out that you’re on the hunt because finding that perfect size or shape is so satisfying.

Try to look for pieces that aren’t too heavy if you’ll be hanging it, and sturdy enough to last.

How to dry it

You dry driftwood in the sun..again such a simple answer. Give it a little rinse and just leave it to dry. You can sand it or even use a stain on your driftwood, depending on the look you’re going for.

If you’re using the wood as a piece of furniture or a larger piece of driftwood art in your home, you’ll want to make sure it is sturdy and level to stay evenly on the floor without wobbling. You can do this by sawing down the bottom and giving it a good sand to smooth it out.

Now that you have your foraged driftwood, it’s time to create.

Driftwood art for kids


Creating a simple mobile for your babies nursery is really easy and adds such a nice feel. Collect a couple smaller driftwood pieces and pierce a hole through the middle of each. Thread a string through the holes, securing each with a knot to hold it in place. Done. You can add just a couple or line them up with a larger piece at the top.

Wall hanging with pom poms

Driftwood wall hangings look so good in any room, but especially a kids room where you can hang colourful pom poms. You can get extra creative and make your own felt pom poms or you can just get a pack from the craft store. Just thread a string through about 5-10 pom poms, depending on how big you want it and secure that string at the top with a simple knot around your driftwood. Do this a couple more times until you have strung pom poms all the way across the driftwood. Hang it and enjoy.

Gnomes and doll house

This is where you can get your kids involved, depending on their age. Creating a doll/gnome house out of driftwood is a really great activity, especially on a rainy day. If you have little pieces left over, you can make little gnomes for the house, using little bits of felt or fabric for clothes and hats.

Outdoor driftwood art

Wind chimes

This one is similar to the nursery mobile but feel free to add in cool seashells or stones along with the driftwood pieces. They create such a soothing sound and look great hung from a tree. They make such a nice housewarming gift as well.

Driftwood sculpture

Making little driftwood sculptures in your garden or hanging from a tree adds a ton of character to your outdoor space. Even a little driftwood fairy land against a tree can bring a little joy to your outdoors. You can make it as simple or as quirky as you’d like.

Indoor driftwood art


Serving your food on a beautiful driftwood platter instantly makes your meal tastier, I swear. If you can cut and sand out little grooves to fit a shallow bowl or two, it can make a great bread and dip platter. Also, if you are into doing pottery, using driftwood as the handles for your ceramics can look really amazing.


Bringing large pieces of driftwood indoors to make a side or coffee table can be a bit more work, depending on what you’re wanting to do. Sawing down the top and bottom and giving it a good sand and stain can assure it will last you. You can also add a glass top if you’re confident doing a project like this. Having driftwood indoors as a part of your living space is such a beautiful look.

I would love to hear how you created your own driftwood art, I’m always looking for excuses to scrounge up new pieces. Feel free to leave a comment or idea.