Floor beds were once considered to be more of a casual unfinished look, something you might see in a dorm room perhaps. Now that you can style them in all different chic trends they are all the rage, especially when it comes to toddler floor beds. Montessori floor beds in particular are very popular lately. So why are parents switching over to floor beds versus regular toddler beds and when is a good time to switch over? We’ll go over the benefits and theories behind the trend as well as some styling ideas.

Floor bed vs regular bed

Floor beds are pretty simple, just a mattress on the floor. Seems pretty easy. So what is the difference between a floor bed vs a regular toddler bed and which one is right for you and your family? If you’re still trying to decided, hopefully this will help.

Regular bed

Making the transition from crib to a regular toddler bed can be a bit scary for parents, so buying a crib that converts into a bed is a simple way to do it. By doing it this way, you’re pretty much guaranteed that your little one will be comfortable with this small transition.

Another major positivity is being able to clean underneath the bed, clearing away dust especially if you have carpet.

Floor bed

No monsters under the bed. Sounds silly but looking back at my childhood, it was a legit fear. Having that reassurance can be a major comfort for your child, making them feel safe and grounded. You’re also guaranteed that they will not fall out of bed, not very far at least.

Parents can comfortably lie next to their child if they’re needed. While some kids have no issues falling asleep on their own and staying asleep throughout the night, a lot of kids love the comfort of a parent being close by. Laying down together for a snuggle or a book in a tiny little bed can be a bit tight so putting some cozy blankets and pillows beside the mattress makes it a lot easier.

Floor beds can be more cost effective. Buying a good quality, preferably hypo allergenic, mattress is the only investment you will have to make for their bed. It takes up less space which allows you and your little one to make it as cozy as possible.

They also allow toddlers to exercise their independence by letting them crawl or toddle into bed when they feel sleepy or just want a little cozy time. The one major factor here is baby proofing the room, making sure nothing can fall onto them or hurt them. Keeping it simple and cozy is your best option.

Another major factor is using thin slabs of wood under the mattress so it can breathe, preventing any chance of mold. I would recommend doing this if you have carpets or a lot of moisture in the room. Using a humidifier is always a great idea in your childs room.

Crib or floor bed?

So now that you’ve decided on a floor bed for your little one, when do you start? This all depends on if you want to do a crib at all. We had our little guy in bed with us and just skipped the crib all together, switching him to his floor bed at 9 months. It can be a simple way to do it, depending on what works for your family. Having your baby in a safe area where they can crawl in and out of bed can be great for their independence but can also be stressful as a parent. Having a baby crying to get out of the crib outweighed those stresses for us. All babies are different and some love their crib so in this case, it may be best to stick with the crib and once they’re ready to move on just transition to a floor bed.


Now the fun part, styling and decorating. This is where you can come up with a fun and cozy space all for your little one.

Creative space

Using little fairy lights around the bed instantly gives it an inviting look, just make sure they’re tucked away safely. Making a simple canopy hanging over the mattress with little lights strung above is pure magic. Adding in seasonal decorations like branches, dried pinecones or flowers is an easy way to change up the look with each season. Framing your childs art around the space can add in a fun look too.

Calm space

Filling the floor bed space with cozy pillows and blankets instantly gives it a cozy feel. Adding a low shelf of books beside their bed makes it feel like a little reading nook.

Fun space

Throwing in pops of colour with a garland of felt pom poms or wall hangings gives it a really fun look. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can build (or buy) a wooden jungle gym attached to the floor bed. A mini rock climbing wall or little trapeze hung from the ceiling would be prefect if you have a little climber.

Keep it simple

You can get as creative as you want and it’s easy to get carried away with all of the beautiful photos out there. Keep in mind that having a simple floor bed in a safe space for your little one is all they need. Weigh out the options and do what will work best for your family.